R A Labone & Co Ltd is a fully accredited manufacturer of precision plastic injection mouldings, insert mouldings, metal pressings and various types of assembly.

The original lighting scheme in the factory consisted of 400 watt metal halide highbay fittings. The factory operates 24 hours, 6 days a week and was having major issues with maintenance in terms of access to fitments that were above machines. The solution was to hire in a ‘cherry picker’ at a cost of approx. £400 a week. We replaced the existing factory lighting with LED highbays ensuring much improved light level quality. LED tubes and bulbs were also fitted to the rest room providing significant savings all round. The project was funded through our low interest finance service.

Savings & Benefits

  • Reduced energy lighting costs by 75%
  • £15,630 saved in electricity costs per annum
  • 102 tonnes of CO2 saved each year
  • £1,785 saved in maintenance costs
  • Payback period less than 9 months