Solar PV

Solar PV can be fitted to most buildings without the need for planning permission under 1 MGW, above that subject to planning and building regulations. At Ecusol we offer a range of solar solutions from panels installed on the roof space to solar tiles or a ground mounted micro generation plant, all of which are custom designed to suit your site.

With a proven track record in designing, installing and connecting large commercial PV Solar systems, our MCIS accredited partners manage the entire process to ensure exacting quality standards are met at every stage.

Benefits of PV Solar:

  • Zero carbon energy generation
  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Future proofing against rising energy prices
  • Inflation linked FIT returns for up to 20 years
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Installed with no initial capital outlay and financed with low interest tax efficient loans and/or power purchas e agreements
  • The ability to sell excess power and earn additional income.

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Wind Turbines

Wind is a very viable alternative and has become increasingly competitive to the more conventional forms of energy production. And turbines don’t have to be connected to the grid meaning – coupled with a battery energy storage system – they can operate in the most remote of areas.

Working with our partners Ecusol has extensive experience designing, developing, installing, operating and maintaining technically optimised, cost-efficient wind power for both large industrial customers and smaller operations.

Benefits of Wind Turbines:

  • The ability to generate your own zero carbon energy
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Significant reduction in carbon emissions
  • Can be financed with low Interest tax efficient loans and/or power purchase agreements so no capital outlay
  • Can be connected to Battery Energy Storage Systems to secure energy supply.

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