About our Utility Products

We are able to procure and manage the supply of low cost energy for your company/organisation. We have full market access to low and zero carbon commercial energy suppliers and we can offer 100% renewably sourced electricity and carbon zero gas to enhance your green credentials.

Our energy team will review your current contracts and provide you with a pricing report for low cost and low carbon energy and highlight the savings we can make for you. We also offer historical energy audits where we review your past activity, identifying and claiming any overpayments on your behalf.

Procuring and arranging your energy can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you have more than one site location. We can review your full multisite energy contracts and arrange common contract end dates, with all sites being renewed and billed at the same time.

As we are able to price your energy up to 12 months in advance, we can outline the savings you will make, giving you peace of mind and more control over future energy costs.

Benefits of our Utility Products

  • We are a fully independent REGISTERED UTILITY BROKER so will find the best deal for you
  • Focused on reducing your energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint
  • Enhances your green credentials
  • Saves you time and helps with budget planning
  • Ongoing review to asses performance and advise of opportunities

For more information contact us on 0191 228 6596 or email [email protected]