Utility Products

So, how do Ecusol lower carbon emissions? We have full market access to low and zero carbon, commercial, green energy suppliers. Therefore, we offer 100% renewably sourced electricity and carbon zero gas, proven to enhance your green credentials.

We believe in always doing right by our clients, that is why we place them at the centre of what we do. Our team have been able to build long-term relationships with our clients due to our provision of bill verification. Performing data analysis based on your business’ consumption; and providing graphs and reports on usage. This ensures that we achieve the best energy rate for our clients.

As a fully independent, registered energy broker, we focus on reducing your energy costs; and your carbon footprint. Using our relationships with our trusted, green energy suppliers, we offer your business 100% renewable energy at a reduced cost. Our energy team will review your current contracts and provide you with a report; highlighting the savings we can offer your business. Detailing the Changes in costs and carbon energy that our service brings. Working with your business to provide a full utilities audit. This can be conducted via a phone call or face-to-face.

We then work to cater to your business’ needs; creating a billing platform structure that suits your business. We can then implement a ‘gold stamp’ process, whereby every bill is verified by our team before your business receives it. A half-hourly meter allows us to track your business’ consumption every 30 minutes, providing data that is actual. You can operate at ease, knowing we are saving you cash and time that would usually be spent on evaluating operational costs.

Our client; on average; cuts 95 tonnes a year from their carbon footprint by switching to Ecusol’s utilities service. That is nearly equivalent to the weight of a blue whale! Why wouldn’t you want to cut down on costs and carbon emissions?

We will:

  • Reviewing your current contract
  • Provide you with a pricing report for low cost and low carbon energy
  • Highlight the savings
  • Offer historical energy audits, identifying and claiming any overpayments on your behalf.
  • Price your energy up to 12 months in advance, giving you control over your costs
  • Review your full multisite energy contract and arrange common contract end dates, with all sites being renewed and billed at the same time.

For more information contact us on 0191 375 9644 or email info@info@ecusol.com