About our battery regeneration

Working with our preferred partners our battery regeneration technology increases battery life in an efficient and sustainable way, whilst improving the environmental impact. Our regeneration technology reduces the need for the purchase of new lead-acid, NiCd and NiMH batteries.

The system uses various highly effective processes developed especially for different battery types. Pulse processes, developed in-house, are used in the optimal combination of charging and discharging. The sulphate crystals responsible for the drop in capacity of the cells are efficiently and completely removed and dissolved into the electrolytes during the regeneration process with the aid of an innovative charge control accompanied by capacity, voltage and temperature monitoring.

Batteries treated with our regeneration technology completely regain the capacity lost due to sulfation and, because of the reduced internal resistance, charges better. This in turn lowers energy use.

Benefits of Battery Regeneration

  • Battery lifespan increased by up to 100% due to unique regeneration technology
  • Highly efficient systems have the lowest energy requirements
  • Sustainable savings through shorter charging times and reduced water usage
  • Slowing down of the recycling loop and reduction of associated CO2 emissions
  • Savings start with first usage
  • Satisfaction guarantee from pre and post monitoring performance report

For more information contact us on 0191 375 9644 or email info@info@ecusol.com