About our Energy Management System

The Ecusol Energy Management System (EEMS) is metering and monitoring for energy professionals.

EEMS analysis is a cloud-based solution that provides organisations and energy professionals with a complete and comprehensive, online metering and monitoring service. By monitoring and measuring energy use can you start to see where energy waste is occurring.

The implementation of the EEMS analysis approach can enable organisations to achieve annual reductions on direct energy usage and spend, reduce CO2 emissions, reduce management and administration time to achieve compliance and aid accelerated behavioural change through stakeholder engagement. Managers and occupiers are supplied with the information they need to enable them to focus on what is important; MORE reductions, LESS administration and INCREASED savings.

Benefits of Energy Management

  • Develop an energy strategy that realises real cost savings
  • Gain control of your energy consumption and energy needs
  • View and analyse your energy data on demand (not just consumption)
  • View supplier external half hourly meter data (verification)
  • Detect, inform and eliminate energy waste when it occurs
  • Automatic alert reporting with site-specific parameters
  • Continuous performance monitoring across your organization
  • Determine the energy performance of all buildings and assets in your portfolio and publish individual site-comparison reports to all building users

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