Ecusol Energy Management System (EEMS)

The Ecusol Energy Management System (EEMS) is a bespoke, cloud-based system design to provide businesses with a comprehensive, online metering and monitoring service where energy use can be measured and waste can be rectified.

EEMS enables businesses to achieve annual reductions on energy use and spend, lower carbon emissions, reduce admin time and aid behavioural change.

The Benefits of EEMS are:

  • Real cost savings
  • Control of consumption and energy needs
  • Control of consumption and energy needs
  • Access to supplier half hourly meter data
  • The ability to detect and eliminate energy waste
  • Automatic alerts with site specific parameters
  • Continuous performance monitoring
  • The capacity to determine the energy performance of all individual buildings and assets in your portfolio
  • Collecting and analysing continuous data every 30 minutes, (can be less).
  • The data will include all relevant parameters available I.e., KVA, PF, Voltage, Amperage, KVAr
  • Identify optimizations in equipment, set points and flow rates to improve energy efficiency
  • Units of energy saved can be metered and calculated just like units of energy delivered
  • Execute energy optimization solution

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