Battery Storage

Our battery Energy Storage System (ESS) enables you to capture energy produced and store it for later use.

Ecusol’s battery technology provides stable and efficient short- or long-term storage with a lifespan in excess of 15 years. With sizes ranging from individual 2kW blocks to 2MW storage containers Ecusol can provide you with a fully scalable Energy Storage System that configures easily with your other energy assets and grid supply.

Benefits of Energy Storage:

  • Enables capture of energy for later use
  • Enables capture of energy unable to be transferred to the grid
  • Higher utilisation of energy generating assets
  • Can be tied to multiple energy assets
  • Higher system efficiency offers minimal energy loss and waste
  • Greater control of your energy, enabling you to use when most beneficial
  • Energy security for critical systems
  • Potential to sell stored energy.

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