Are you an SME? Take a look at the new white paper developed by the DLL Group. With energy prices expected to increase by 60% between now and 2025 there has never been a better time to reduce, generate and store your own energy. As part of the Carbon Trust we can help you claim up to £10,000 towards improving your energy efficiency.

Ecusol supply a wide range of LED lighting to significantly reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint. Generating your own energy is a great way of reducing your costs. Let us manage your energy generation project from concept to completion through ways such as installation of PV solar and Wind turbines, coupled with our energy management and monitoring solutions.

Rather than feeding in unused energy back to the grid only to buy back at a higher cost, save even more money by storing your own generated energy for using at peak times.

Worried about the costs relating to energy reduction, generation and storage, then talk to us about our zero CAPEX and other finance options.