Concern for climate change has reached an alarming all-time high. This is following the release of the annual average temperatures for England from 1884-2018. Using data provided by the UK Met Office, a representation of our impact on the planet has been produced.
‘Warming stripe’ graphics are visual representations of the change in temperature as measured in each country over the past 100+ year, with each stripe representing whether the temperature that the country averaged over a year has changed significantly. White representing a nominal change in the annual average global temperature, blue representing a decrease and red representing an increase. Like a balance sheet, the negative effect we have had upon the planet in recent years is apparent. Thankfully, Ecusol provide a solution that will prevent your business similarly entering the red; and is also proven to reduce business’ negative impact on the planet.

How we can help

 Ecusol provide cost-reductive, energy solutions. Striving to cut clients’ costs on unnecessary energy usage. Solutions such as our energy efficient LED lighting range, reduce energy bills drastically. Consult our Almet Sheetmetal case study to see the effects of installing our LED lights. Importantly; the LED lights reduced annual electricity bills by £4,000, improved productivity and their carbon footprint. Our installed LED lighting is proven to be up to 90% more efficient than traditional bulbs, lowering our clients’ energy bills.
Offering a range of services, that are proven to decrease your energy bills, including energy generation – our PV Solar panels offer CO2 free energy at a slashed price. Our battery Energy Storage System (ESS) allows your business to capture energy produced and store it for use later. The Ecusol Energy Management System (EEMS) provides your business with a complete and comprehensive, online metering and monitoring service. Enabling users to see where energy waste is occurring. We can then work with your business to develop an energy strategy that realises real cost savings.
Our record with our clients is unmatched. All Ecusol clients have seen a dramatic decrease in their energy costs since switching to renewable power.


Climate change

The graphic outlines the need for businesses to take urgent action and combat the issue of climate change. Rising CO2 emissions have meant that the planet’s temperature is continuing to increase, and we are approaching a point at which we can no longer solve the issue of climate change.
The Prince of Wales handed the deadline of 18 months to the commonwealth leaders to solve the climate crisis, leaders; including business owners; must act now.
However, trends show that England has experienced a continued increase in the average temperature over the last 10 years. Mary Creagh, chair of the Environmental Audit Committee, who released the report said…

Extreme weather such as we’ve experienced this summer threatens our health, our water supplies, and our natural world. These extreme events will become normal if we don’t heed these warnings and act with urgency. The UK needs to work harder to cut our carbon emissions and build a cleaner, greener economy.

Sir David Attenborough stated that the world is:

Nowhere near where it needs to be” on the transition to a low-carbon economy, and that “climate change is humanity’s greatest threat in thousands of years.

The world’s people have spoken and their message is clear. Time is running out, and they want you, the decision-makers, to act now.


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Whether we can cope with the rising pressure will depend on the willingness of business leaders to listen and alter their operations. Ecusol are here to help your business to make the change, whilst cutting costs. Our services promise to improve efficiency, lower costs and reduce your carbon footprint, no matter which of the Ecusol services your business implements. Proven by our previous clients with warehouses, having reduced their energy costs by 1/3 by installing our high efficiency renewable energy products or switching to Ecusol’s green energy providers. If you are a business leader, concerned by the rising costs of energy prices, contact Ecusol or call us on 0191 375 9644 to discuss how you can slash your costs and your carbon emissions.