Here are Ecusol’s top 12 energy efficiency tips to help reduce your business’ (small or large) energy costs and  in turn, your carbon footprint.

Day 1: Switch to LEDs on your office Christmas tree

use LEDs to reduce energy costs

Day 2: Get a free energy audit

free energy consultation

Day 3: Replace older appliances with greener alternatives

energy saving tips

Day 4: Go solar

buy solar panels

Day 5: Unplug electricals over the Christmas holidays

energy efficiency tips

Day 6: Monitor your energy usage

monitor business energy usage

Day 7: Convert to wind energy

buy wind turbines

Day 8: Turn the heating down 1°C

energy saving tips for businesses

Day 9: Store unused energy for later

battery energy storage system

Day 10: Dust around the office

energy efficiency for businesses

Day 11: Change energy supplier

change energy utilities supplier

Day 12: On the twelfth night, don’t forget to turn off your lights

energy saving tips for small businesses(Read more about Ecusol’s Energy Management Systems here).

If you enjoyed following our 12 Days of Energy Efficiency tips for businesses and require more help or want to talk to one of our team about a free energy consultation then don’t hesitate to contact us on 0191 375 9644 or email